General Liability

General Liability is the most common insurance coverage for businesses both big and small. Providing a broad spectrum of coverage for your business, it can be packaged or provided separately. We work with you to determine the best class and carrier for your business and work with dozens of carriers to make sure we can find an option right for you.

Worker's Compensation


Worker's Compensation is required by almost every business with an employee and even some without employees. We will not just help you find a policy to protect you and your employees. We will take the time to review job classifications, experience modifications, sub contractors, and a variety of other factors that could impact your cost and your business.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability is an important part of a business's coverage. It can include error's and omissions, malpractice, sexual assault and molestation, and many other coverages key to the operations of a business. We will help you understand the difference between general liability and professional and determine what coverage your business needs to stay protected.

Umbrella  / Excess


Commercial Umbrella or Excess is a more and more common requirement and need for businesses. Many vendors are asking for higher limits of insurance and often adding one of these policies can be much more cost effective than increasing the limits of the underlying policy. We will work with you to determine your exposure and needs for additional protection and whether that is better suited to an umbrella policy or a change to the underlying policy.

Commercial Auto


When it comes to commercial auto insurance, there are a lot of differences compared to a personal auto policy. Making sure your policy covers you, your employees, family members, and even someone delivering your product is important to every business. By understanding and reviewing different coverage symbols, vehicle classifications, and liability exposures, we will help you determine the best policy to protect your business.



Do you own your building? Do you have specialized and expensive equipment? Let us work with you to determine the best policy to cover all of your business's property. Making sure your property is insured correctly is very important in both rating and claims situations.

Inland Marine

Inland Marine is a coverage for more than just truckers and exporters. It can encompass a variety of coverages including cargo, builder's risk, property, equipment, and a lot more. Many times an Inland Marine policy will provide much more extensive coverage than what is covered under a standard liability policy. 

Specialty Coverage


Many businesses have outside the box needs. We can help determine these needs and find the appropriate policy to protect your business against those risks.